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50 shades of modern

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

By working on private residences projects interiorBKK is mostly specialised in modern designs. But nowadays simple modern design has been transformed to many other modification of this simple but beautiful architectural style. By adding new materials or sometimes borrowing details from other architectural style we can create the new unique interior style. In this post We will guide you through the most popular modifications of modern style and show You some examples of them from InteriorBKK portfolio.

The old good modern

Modern interior style is connection materials in wormy, earthy colours and simple shapes. It's the most popular architectural style that has its roots in IXX century. Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element, including furniture.

Modern Design for TV room ( Marque Sukhumvit) by InteriorBKK

"The above photo is a great example of modern interior design. Simple shapes and symmetry aluminium grooves in combination with wooded panel died in dark Taupe brown. Made to order sofa with oversized seat is also kept in simple square shapes, luxury imported fabric gives the whole piece high-end effect and makes the entire room has the bright spot. "

Do You like modern style? Would You use it as interior for your home?

When modern wears gold.

Modern luxury interior is usually chosen to be used in High-end luxury condominiums and houses when the whole property and facilities is kept in similar architectural style. Modern Luxury is the combination of above mentioned modern style and glossy, shiny elements that make interior look chic and high end.

Modern Luxury dining area by InteriorBKK

On above photo You may notice simple shapes characteristic for modern style. Gold and brown mirrors high gloss materials and rose gold stainless give the space luxury look with high end effect. Kitchen high gloss cabinets gives the room dimensions and using mirror in kitchen island makes the space looks bigger. White marble on kitchen walls gives more movement to simple design.

Dark chocolate cabinet would be just a simple build-in without gold mirror and pink gold aluminium doors. Adding light not only makes the spot brighter but also gives more dimensions.

Modern with History

Modern Classic is getting on popularity more and more. This architectural style has its roots far, far from now - Classical Architecture was constructed in Ancient Greece between the 7th and 4th century BC! In a result of mixing 14 centuries of history and modern lifestyle and functionality we get this beautiful brand new style called "Modern Classic" It is usually a combination of modern materials, simple shapes and details characteristic to ancient Greek landmarks.

Modern Classic Interior Design by InteriorBKK

Can you find details characteristic to Classical style? Even if shapes have been modified and simplified, we can still notice a pillars, cornice and attention to detail.

Which style would you choose to decorate your house? Let us know in the comments below!

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